Bostik Prestik 100g


BOSTIK PRESTIK is the original, white reusable putty-like adhesive, which is clean, safe and easy to use.  It provides an ideal alternative to drawing pins and sticky tape. The innovative 4 strip design has over 101 uses in the home, office and school. It is solvent-free, non-toxic and safe for children to use. It will not shrink or dry out and can be removed and used over and over again.

  • Permanently plastic and pliable
  • Solvent free
  • Reusable
  • Strip form for ease of use
  • Excellent adhesive qualities
  • Acid free
  • Non greasy
  • Non toxic
  • Suitable for all the family
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 • Holds up posters, cards, certificates, notices, party decorations, maps, calendars, messages, learning aids, children paintings, etc.

• Holds in place telephones, mouse pads, pens, candles, figurines, vases, calculators, ornaments, etc.
• Keeps picture frames straight
• Safely store pins, keys, screws and other small objects
• Use in floral arrangements to keep flowers in place
• Clean fluff from fabric
• Remove dust and dirt from computers and hard to get at places
• Use as a putty to block out draughts
• Sticks extremely well to non porous surfaces such as metal, glass, plastics, vinyl coated and painted surfaces.  Also sticks well to paper, boards, cloth, and wood

Other Information

• Not suitable where a strong bond is needed
• Not suitable for holding up heavy objects
• May be difficult to remove from rough porous surfaces
• May damage fragile papers on removal
• Not suitable on absorbent, silk-screen printed, hand-stenciled wall paper, or other delicate surfaces
• May leave on oily mark on some painted surfaces and papers

Prestik is a rubber-like temporary adhesive that is marketed in South Africa, and manufactured by Bostik. It is water resistant, and can be used in temperatures from -30C to 100C. It can be used to secure things in place, such as pieces of paper on walls or fridge doors.

Shipping & Delivery

We currently only supply to select schools within the Gauteng area, although we do try for-fill the needs of all our customers we still need to build relations with the individual institutions in order to obtain the relevant information, however if we get enough interest from parents from any institution we would be more than happy to try and meet up with them, it makes the process a lot easier

We are also trying to arrange the best price for national delivery but there is an additional fee for that for all orders under R300 and areas outside Gauteng province, until better arrangements can be met.

We do however arrange for group deliveries but that is only if there are more than 2 orders placed for the same destination within a two week period, this will help cut down the additional charge but will have to be arranged for prior to the orders being placed.